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Eco&Pop Premium safety razor/shaver, Walnut/Black
Sustainable luxury for shaving. Eco & Pop shaver is stylish, high quality and long lasting. Easy way to ditch the disposable razors. Pack of 5 Astra Superior Platinum blades included
EAN: 6430073900183

MSRP:246.90 DKK


Sustainable luxury for shaving. Stylish, high-quality shaver/razor with a Walnut-wood handle that is comfortable to hold and stylish metal parts which are made to last. Elegant design and high-quality materials offer you a touch of timeless luxury to use over and over again.

Using a durable shaver is also cost efficient - high-quality replaceable blades cost only tens of cents a piece and are fully recyclable.

Pack of 5 Platinum coated Astra Superior Platinum blades included.

Teflon (PTFE) is not used as a coating on Astra blades.

Note! Handle the blades carefully. Always keep the shaver and blades away from children. Store the shaver in a dry area between uses.

Tip! When replacing the blade, use the waxed paper of the new blade to dispose the old one with. Recycle the the used stainless steel blade.

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